Baseball Stats Tracker Touch App Reviews

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good but with an error

good in general but in pitching stats this is written "stikes"

Awesome App

Been using this for over two seasons now and its great! Not only do I track my sons stats but it helps me learn the game!!!

Great idea!

Fantastic idea! Great for keeping track of your own stats and even your children/grandchildrens stats! So glad I ran across this!

Batting average correct but confusing

This is amended review based on feedback from developer. We are both calculating batting average and walks the correct way. However, I was trying to fill in career info on my son and thought that the AB function on the app would track not just official at bats but all plate appearances, and that walks (and sacrifices) would be excluded in calculating the batting average. Instead, the AB function is the official at bats function, and thus walks (and sacrifices) should not be entered in it ( or the batting average will be too low). Perhaps a plate appearances function or note could reduce confusion.

Awesome app- needed this!

Was looking for an app like this forever - this is the perfect solution. Thanks!

Awesome app!!!

Love this app! Its so easy being able to track everyones stats real time! You should consider a basketball app!

Kickass. Why didnt we get this earlier?

Used this for my softball tournament and it worked seamlessly for us. Thanks!

Great app!!

This app is fantastic! It works perfectly for my softball league! Its super easy to use and i recommend it for anyone!

Very solid

Comprehensive and quick, can update after every at bit and every pitch

Play ball!!

I coach Little League so I decided to download this app for the upcoming spring. What a great idea!! This app is well built and is just what I need as a coach to give my players appropriate feedback.

Like this app but have a question....

After sending an email message to this programs administrator regarding my comment below, they responded immediately and repaired the program. It is now calculating Batting Average correctly and is working great. Thanks for your quick response. Love the program! Will recommend to friends. Correct me if Im wrong. Career or season batting average is calculated: Total hits divided by total at bats. This program is averaging each games batting average to calculate career or season batting average which is not the same thing. Even in your example in the app store the career stats show 19 hits out of 39 abs which is a .487 batting average but this program states it is .376. Incorrect! Otherwise, I like the program. Ill love it when it calculates career BA correctly.

It does the job, but...

This looks like it could be a great app but Ive run into a possible issue, for me anyway. I would really like to be able to copy the season schedule from one player to another Thats a bummer, but I guess I can just key in the schedule for each player at while sitting at stop lights and waiting for practices to end.

Great except

Need to allow for editing

Need 7 Inning option for ERA for high school.

Easy to to see an update to include 7 innings for high school ERA.

Great program!

Would like to see a way to edit from 9 innings to 7 innings

Needs improvement

This app is not good for team tracking. Currently you are required to go back to each player, set game for each player, and then enter in stats. Not friendly at all. My suggestion is that you are able to set a team/roster for a season. Then you are click next to the next batter in the lineup for that individual game. After the game u should be able to send team statistics for season. Hope you listen to advice. Currently the app is useless for my baseball team. Thank you.

Poor App not friendly

This is a very poor app for individual player stats. Too many entries are required when done by each game for each player . Do not buy this if you are looking for a simple player stats keeper.

A must for league play

Downloaded for my firms softball team. Works great! Everyone loves seeing their stats at the end of each game.


I want to track my little league team stats and this app is only configured for individual stats. I would have to input every game for every player instead of the app keeping a record bank. It would take hours to input 15 games for 15 kids. Wish this was indicated before purchase... Only good for following one to three players statistics.

Great App

This is exactly what I was looking for to track my sons stats in little league. Easy to use and we love seeing his stats. He plays on 2 different teams, so I would like to have the option to look at league stats and travel stats separately. I wouldnt get this app for tracking a whole team but it is great for a single player.

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